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Software Products by Category

Below is an overview of our products, categorised by application.

Energy Data Loggers / Analysers (Reporter range)
Realtime Monitoring (Eco Warrior range)
  • Eco Warrior Pro

    Our premium energy monitoring and targeting system. Capable of resolving even one minute data profiles if required, selectable for each circuit. It gathers unlimited metered and "virtual" (Calculated) data, using a variety of collection methods including Modbus, Network (IP addressable) and radio. Data is stored at a central point, where real-time energy profiles can be viewed. More commonly Eco Warrior Pro acts as a server, allowing users to view data via the network or over the internet using Eco Warrior Viewer. The viewer is very flexible and each user can see their own preferred data in their own customised way.
  • Eco Warrior Viewer

    Acts as a remote viewer for Eco Warrior Pro data in true realtime. Data for any circuit can be viewed in a variety of ways, including: charts, tables, gauges and statistics. Multiple circuits can be displayed in different ways at the same time. The values can be seen as units, demands, costs or compared against targets. You can also view your data as days, weeks, months or quarters and compare against historical data, including as a cumulative total.
  • Eco Warrior Classic

    First released in 1997 and to our knowledge the first software to make use of an otherwise redundant PC as a dedicated energy monitoring system. Capable of monitoring over 200 circuits, calculating virtual meters and realtime costs, whilst also giving demand warnings and target exceptions. Now superseded by Eco Warrior Pro
Data Collection (Internet and 3rd Parties)
  • Eco Warrior Guardian Range

    Eco Warrior Guardian covers a range of products that will automatically log on to your Meter Provider's Web site, FTP server, or any of several other forms of data providing gateway and download your data. The collection frequency is set by you (typically daily). Versions of this software are available for private meter providers monitoring all services (electric, gas & water etc).
    Please enquire for details.
Offline Analysis (Eco Warrior Tools range)
  • Eco Warrior Tools (Single or Multi site)

    Eco Warrior Tools is a low cost single or multi site, environmental auditing system. It uses data gathered by our data monitoring and collection products or half hourly information from other systems to produce a wealth of analysis, suitable for all. With clear and detailed charts users can set monitoring targets, check energy bills, budget for annual energy expenditure, compare energy tariffs, display multi day/month/year energy profiles, analyse energy and energy cost per product ratios, calculate machine/production downtime, produce tenant bills using actual supplier tariffs, provide simple but sophisticated cost center allocation, cusum charts, regression analysis and much, much more ...
  • Eco Warrior Report

    Eco Warrior Report integrates with Microsoft Excel using a customised excel template file, supplied with the software. This file includes a macro which allows communication with our Eco Warrior Report software. The result gives you (or your installer/supplier), the ability to create charts, reports and Power Point presentations, amongst other options, using automatically updated half-hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data.
Gas Analysis (FireWorks range)
  • FireWorks Combustion Grapher

    Communications, Graphs & Reports for the Kane Quintox and KM900 Gas Analysers.
    • Designed specifically for the user requiring the maximum from their emissions monitoring data.
    • Analysis is made easy by using graphs, tables and reports generated from your combustion tests.
    • Realtime data logging allows you to see important changes to the boiler as they happen.
    • A simple to use Windows package is designed to enable modified reports for your client and stored tests for your analysis.