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Hawk 5000

Hawk 5000 Energy Analyser

Originally made by Kane International, but now discontinued, the Hawk 5000 was widely regarded as a class leading product. Kane International asked us to create software for their logger and for many years supplied our Reporter Professional software with every Hawk 5000 logger.

The Hawk 5000 was the big brother to the Hawk 3000, which had a more limited feature set, although our Reporter Professional Plus software will calculate the extra data and effectively turns the Hawk 3000 into a Hawk 5000.

There were two earlier models predating the Hawk 5000/3000, named the Hawk I and Hawk II. Should you have one languishing in a cupboard you can still make good use of them with Reporter Professional Plus.

The Hawk 5000 is easily portable, has a simple to use status indicator system and records Single or 3 Phase Power, kW, kVA, KVAr, KVArl, Power Factor, Amps, Volts and Frequency. You can specify recording period lengths between two seconds and one hour.

In combination with our software it still makes a fine energy analysis system!