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How To Transfer Your Licence to a New PC

To transfer your software from an "old" PC to a new one please follow the instructions below.

Before Starting: Please complete the form to avoid any delay in reactivating your licence.

Then follow the instructions below the form to actually transfer the licence.

Transfer Notification Form
Send Transfer Notification

Transfer Instructions

Please Note: In our recent software the Registration & Licence Activation is accessed through the About page, by clicking the key icon. In older versions there is a separate activation utility. The button used to access the transfer feature may be labelled either "Further Options" or "Advanced Options".

In older software the Licence Activation utility can be found using the Start Menu, under "All Programs" then either "SOTA" or "State Of The Art".

On the Old PC

  • Go to the Licence Activation menu, or run the activation utility on the old PC.
  • Click the "Advanced Options" button (bottom left corner).
  • This will display a menu with an option to "Transfer Licence (requires internet access)".
  • Please select this option and we will be notified that your licence has been removed.
  • We will then reactivate your licence on our web server.

On the New PC

  • Install the software on the new PC.
  • Go to the Licence Activation menu, or run the activation utility on the new PC.
  • Click the "Activate Now" button. When you go to activate your licence (using the serial/PIN provided) you will find you can activate the software as before (you won't even have to type your details in again).

All transfers are validated by a member of staff.

Transfers outside of UK office hours will be delayed.

Please allow at least 60 minutes between transferring the old licence and activating the new one to give us time to update our licensing server.