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Lost Licence Form

Please Read Before Submitting

You need to submit this form if your existing software licence has been destroyed (lost beyond recovery).

Each serial number is licensed for a Single PC. You are not entitled to a new licence if the "old" licence may still exist on another PC, even if it is not being used, or if you have forgotten which PC it is on! It must be transferred back to the Internet for reuse, as described here:-
How To Transfer Your Licence

Activating the same serial number on more than one PC is an infringement of your licence agreement. By submitting this form you are personally guaranteeing that there are no active licences for this serial number.

Please understand that we are purely a software company and make nothing from the hardware our software is often sold/used with. Consequently we take our licensing policy very seriously.

Request replacement licence
Details of lost licence

Instructions for installing replacement licence

Please Note: In our recent software the Registration & Licence Activation is accessed through the About page, by clicking the key icon. In older versions there is a separate activation utility. The button used to access the transfer feature may be labelled either "Further Options" or "Advanced Options".

In older software the Licence Activation utility can be found using the Start Menu, under "All Programs" then either "SOTA" or "State Of The Art".

  • Install the software using the supplied installation program
  • Go to the Licence Activation menu, or run the activation utility.
  • Click the "Activate Now" button. When you activate your licence you will need your serial number and PIN. If the PC does not have internet access please see our Documents and FAQs

All requests are validated by a member of staff.

Requests outside of UK office hours will be delayed.

We will notify you using the details given when your request has been processed.