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Eco Warrior Pro and Eco Warrior Viewer

Continuous real-time Energy Monitoring for 1 to 1000 meters

Eco Warrior Pro is our award winning energy monitoring software. A low cost AM&T (Automatic Monitoring and Targeting) system, delivering true real-time display and analysis. By "real-time" we mean updating data several times a second with results displayed every few seconds. Some other supposedly "real-time" products will only allow you to see data from a few hours ago or yesterday!

Eco Warrior Pro can even record one minute data profiles if required. It uses a standard PC to gather unlimited metered, measured and virtual (calculated) data, stored on-site in an ultra-fast database. Real-time and historical profiles of all energy types can be displayed on the Eco Warrior PC or viewed via networks, or over longer distances via the internet.

Data is analysed/displayed using our Eco Warrior Viewer software, which uses an efficient compressed transfer protocol to give you quick results, even over slow internet connections. Eco Warrior Pro also has an inbuilt web server, which can be used to view data in a web browser. The data can be used with our Eco Warrior Tools software for Cost Centre Allocation or Tenant Billing.

Why use our monitoring systems?
  • As we are a software company you would not be reliant on a single hardware provider. We support many different data collection systems.
  • You can monitor Electricity, Water, Gas, Oil, Steam, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, etc.
  • You can use the data collected for Tenant Billing or Cost Centre Allocation with our Eco Warrior Tools and Eco Warrior Viewer.
  • Our real-time view really is real-time, not 20 minutes ago or yesterday!
  • You can design your own dashboard views, showing what is most important to you, in the way you want to see it.
  • You can mix and match multiple makes of Pulse Counters, Loggers, Radio Sensors and Direct Meter Reads.
  • You can define new "custom" device profiles to access almost any Modbus data collector or meter.
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Real-time Automatic Monitoring and Targeting for 1000+ Meters ... or Just One!
Eco Warrior Pro Schematic

Installation Schematic

This diagram shows a typical installation using RS485 or IP addressable pulse counters/loggers.

The EWPro built-in server can support a single viewer or dozens. A viewer can be running on the same PC as EWPro, anywhere on your network or anywhere with an internet connection. Wherever it is you will have a real-time view of your data. You can view simultaneous profiles of dozens of circuits at once!

The same data can be made available to our Eco Warrior Tools package for further analysis and cost-center/billing purposes.
When using our monitoring systems you can discover if ...
  • You have been overcharged by your suppliers for energy or resources.
  • Electrical appliances and machines are being left on when they should be off.
  • Your Building Energy Management System is not operating as expected.
  • You have expensive water leaks that show no obvious visual signs.