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Lightning and City Energy

Energy Monitoring Software

We can show you what you are using NOW, not yesterday, whether it is Electricity, Water, Gas or anything else. You can allocate resources by cost centre, produce bills (including Tenant Billing) and analyse historical data.

By ensuring you use energy and other utilities/services efficiently and especially only when you intend to, you will not only make great savings on your electricity, gas and water bills but also reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint. To see how monitoring can help please see our guide :-
How Can Energy Monitoring Save Me Money?

Eco Warrior Range
Eco Warrior Viewer multi-display

As featured on BBC TV Newsnight. Our Eco Warrior products provide a complete solution for Energy Monitoring, also known as AM&T (Automatic Monitoring and Targeting). Eco Warrior Pro provides real-time communication and analysis and our companion products Eco Warrior Tools and the Eco Warrior Guardian line give you detailed off-line analysis of all your data.

Reporter Professional Plus
Reporter Professional Plus realtime display Reporter Professional Plus is our premium energy data logger product. We have been producing software for the Kane International Hawk series of loggers (Hawk I, Hawk II, Hawk 3000 and Hawk 5000) since 1987. We now also support the e-Tracker and Profile logger, amongst others.
Track Record

We have over 30 years experience of software development in many fields, including financial and medical, and more than 20 years specialist knowledge of real-time energy monitoring.

We have provided software to government agencies, councils, schools, heavy industry, the armed forces and many FTSE 100 companies.

Our software is in regular use throughout the UK and around the world.