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Eco Warrior Guardian

If you're a busy Energy Manager and don't have time to waste checking energy profiles every day via a web site then this is just what you need!

Eco Warrior Guardian will fetch all your data for you and store it on your PC for instant analysis. You get a detailed report with an incredibly simple summary: all green ticks and you're good to go, otherwise it will tell you exactly where the problems are.

It's like having several extra staff working for you! So you can get on with the real energy saving business, while Eco Warrior Guardian keeps an eye on this essential but time intensive task for you.

The diagram below shows you where Eco Warrior Guardian fits into the Eco products workflow.
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Eco Warrior Guardian is designed to collect and aggregate data. It comes in many flavours and each one is designed to gather data from a different source. This can be a number of devices connected by a LAN or a Modbus network, or some form of remote server or web server. The data on remote servers can be "scraped" from web pages or downloaded via FTP.

When combined with our Eco Warrior Tools software Eco Warrior Guardian can automatically produce full and detailed reports on any sites or meters that fall outside of your specified targets. These reports can be generated overnight and be waiting for you when you start work in the morning.

For example, Eco Warrior Guardian can be configured to run each night, or each week, connect to the web site of your meter data provider, download all your data, complete a number of calculations, compare the data against the targets you have set and then alert you in the morning to any sites or meters that fell outside of target. A report is produced that gives you the date of any anomalies and how many half-hour periods were off target.

The report produced includes a day profile chart for each anomalous meter/day, clearly showing which periods fell outside of target.