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Upgrade to Reporter Professional Plus* Version 5


NEW TIERED PRICING FOR EXTRA LICENCES : 2nd at £199, 3 or more at "3 for 2"

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What's New? Click here to see What's New in Version 5

Conditions of Upgrade

This upgrade is available exclusively to licensed users of the web activated edition of Reporter Professional. If you have a web activated version then you will have been given a unique Serial Number and PIN combination to activate your software.

Before upgrading you will need to transfer your existing licence back to the internet - See: How To Transfer Licence.

Following purchase we will email you with a new "Plus Edition" Serial Number and PIN. A download link for your new software is supplied with your invoice.

How to Purchase your Upgrade

The link below will take you to our payment processing provider "SWREG", who will process your card transaction (other payment methods are also offered).

If your company is VAT registered

Please enter your full EU VAT registration number (format: GB123456789) in the field provided by SWREG - you may need to scroll down!
Not only will you avoid paying VAT at source (and keep hold of your money) but it also reduces our transaction fees, as we pay commission on the full amount, including the VAT, if charged.

We appreciate your consideration and in turn we will try to keep our prices down.

Please Note: During the purchase process SWREG automatically add/offer an "extended download service" at an additional cost. We cannot prevent this from happening but suggest that it would more more cost effective to simply make a backup of the downloaded install file to CD and keep it in a safe place, along with your licence activation details (Serial Number & PIN) which we will email to you following purchase.

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Takes you to our payment provider SWREG

Please note: SWREG now display all prices INCLUDING VAT (which can be very confusing!)

* What is the "Plus" Edition
The Plus edition supports a wider variety of loggers. With the Hawk loggers ceasing manufacture we have decided to focus purely on supplying the Plus edition of Reporter Professional.  This not only expands our market, but also provides a solution to customers needing new loggers when the Hawk is no longer available.  Effectively we are now providing the "Plus" features for free when you upgrade.