Eco Warrior Pro: Command Line Options

Auto Run : /GO

When the program is executed it will immediately attempt to enter logging mode.

Can be used with any other options.

Maximum Register Increase : MAX_REGISTER_INC=X

Sets the maximum unscaled value by which a register can increase following a single read from a device. If the increase exceeds this value then an event will be generated and the increment will be ignored (set to zero).

Default value: 20000

Maximum Bad Replies : MAX_BAD_REPLIES=X

Sets the maximum number of missing/corrupted responses to a communications request before an event will be generated and the program moves on to the next device.

Default value: 5

Suppress Already Running Message : NOMSG

If specified then no message box will be displayed if EWPro is already running when the program attempts to execute.
Must be the first parameter on the command line.