Eco Warrior Viewer: Web Page Browser


This "child window" allows you to view web pages much like a standard web browser would, although some functionality is missing at present.  It is intended to be used to display an internal intranet or similar restricted set of pages.  Hence there is no option to enter a web page URL (address), as this would allow anyone with access to the viewer PC to display any (possibly offensive) web page content.


The pages available for viewing are deliberately limited to those included on the index page and any pages linked from those pages.


When a browser window is launched it attempts to display a file called "ViewerIndex.html" located in the "WebData" folder on the Eco Warrior Pro server PC.

If using Windows 7 the path is :
    "C:\Users\All Users\State Of The Art\EW32\WebData"

If using Windows XP the path is :
    "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\State Of The Art\EW32\WebData"

If you already have an intranet in use you could copy the index page you already use here, or link to your intranet index.