Eco Warrior Guardian: Command Line Options

These parameters are common to most (if not all) editions of Eco Warrior Guardian.

Automatic Conversion : /AUTO

This command causes data conversion to start as soon as the program is run and is required if you wish to execute the software in an automated batch file or scheduled event.

/AUTO must be the first parameter given if used

Set Start Date : /START=X

Overrides the number of days fetched as set on the configuration page.
X is a negative integer number indicating the number of days that should be subtract from today's date to calculate the start date for processing data.

Set End Date : /END=X

Functions the same way as /START but used to calculate the last day of data to process.
For Example :-
Will fetch and process 8 days of data starting from today minus 14 days.

Run Target Check : /CHECKTARGETS

Check data against targets and produce a report using Eco Tools.
Overrides the configuration option for checking or not checking targets.
The path to Eco Tools MUST have been set in the configuration section.

Do Not Run Target Check : /NOTARGETS

Prevents the target check from being run, even if set as active in the configuartion section.

The following parameters are available in only some editions of Eco Guardian.

Run Manual Import : /MANUAL

Run manual import of a specific file as soon as program runs.
Program is closed following import.

Specify File for Manual Import : /FILE=x

Provides the full path to the file to be imported.
Only applicable if /MANUAL is also used.
Program is closed following import.
For Example :-
EG_SP.exe /MANUAL /FILE="C:\Test\Testfile.txt"