Activate Without Internet Access

To activate your software on a PC with no Internet access you will need to create the licence using a different PC, which does have Internet access.  This PC could be in a different department, such as IT, or even at home.  You can save this licence to a USB memory stick or a network drive for use by the target PC.

The Licence Activation utility can be found using the Start Menu, under "All Programs" then either "SOTA" or "State Of The Art".

On the PC you will be using to run the software

To install on a PC without Internet access first install the software on the target PC (the one you want to use the software on) and make a note of the "Fingerprint", as shown in the licence activation program (it will be something like "12BC-34DE").  Please verify this is correct before creating the licence.

On the PC with Internet Access

Next install the software on the PC with Internet access and when you get to the licence activation part choose "Create Licence for a different PC".
Enter your Serial Number, PIN and the "hardware fingerprint" you noted down from the other PC.
When the program asks you where to save the licence file choose your memory stick / flash drive.

On the PC you will be using to run the software

Take the memory stick / flash drive to the target PC and using the licence activation program select "Load Activation I made on a different PC". Select your memory stick as the licence location.