Eco Warrior Viewer: Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift and Ctrl keys with mouse : Arrange Windows Manually

If you depress the Shift whilst moving a "child"window (one of the windows inside the main Viewer window) with the mouse you will see the window "snap" or "jump" to the edges of the main window. How near to an edge it needs to be for this to happen depends on the "Snap to Pixels" value on the Configuration tab.

If you depress the Control key, instead of Shift, you will see the window snap/jump to an imaginary grid of X by X pixels, again determined by the "Snap to Pixels" value. This can be very useful in trying to align multiple windows exactly. The same will happen when you drag the sides of the window, to adjust the size. This means that once you have arranged the position of the windows you can adjust the edges to line up seamlessly.

F7 or Ctrl+1 : Cascade Windows

Cascade all open child windows.

F8 or Ctrl+2 : Tile Windows

Tile all open child windows.

F9 or Ctrl+3 : Tile Windows Horizontally

Tile all open child windows horizontally.

F10 or Ctrl+4 : Tile Windows Vertically

Tile all open child windows vertically.

F11 or Ctrl+F : Full Screen Borderless

Same behavior and key as most web browsers.

F12 or Ctrl+S : Save Screen Layout

Useful when in full screen borderless mode as the button used for this function is not visible.

[ & ] (square bracket keys) : Move Tree Item Up/Down

These square bracket keys can move a label, branch or single channel item up and down throughout the tree.