Eco Warrior Viewer: Command Line Options

All parameters can be prefixed by either "-" or "/" (dash or slash).

Override Connections File : (/-)filename.ini

The file must be located in the same folder as the viewer EXE file.
If the file specified is found and is valid then this will be used instead of the connections defined in the "Configure Connections" dialogue.
This is a sample file :-

[Connection 1]
ServerName = Local Server
ServerAddr =
ServerPort = 80
ConnectionType = Local

[Connection 2]
ServerName = Farm Internet
ServerAddr =
ServerPort = 8081
ConnectionType = Internet

[Connection 3]
ServerName = Farm Server
ServerAddr =
ServerPort = 8081
ConnectionType = LAN

Hopefully the format is self explanatory (at least when compared to the connection configuration dialogue). Just remember that any automatic connection number specified must match the number shown in the title of the relevant section.

Auto Connect to Connection Number : (/-)X

X is an integer number which matches the number seen in "Configure Connections".
If the connections list has been overridden using the above parameter then this number relates the number as found in the file specified.
When the program is executed it will attempt to connect to the connection number specified by X.

Set Proxy Server to OFF : (/-)NOPROXY

Overrides program setting for proxy use and disables use of proxy server.

Set Proxy Server to ON : (/-)USEPROXY

Overrides program setting for proxy use and enables use of proxy server.
There does not have to be a proxy server available and the program will only use one if its presence is detected.
At time of writing this is the default option.

Turn OFF Caching : (/-)NOCACHE

Overrides program setting for cache use and disables caching until program run without this option.
This could dramatically increase network traffic and/or load on server CPU.

Automatically Download New CSV Data : (/-)AUTODOWNLOAD

This will download any CSV data from the connected site to the default (last used) download folder.
The date range downloaded will be from and including the last day downloaded and will end today.
Once the data has been downloaded the viewer software will close, so this can be run as a repeated automatic task.

Hide Popup Errors (such as “connection failed”) : (/-)SILENTEXCEPTIONS or NOERRORS

This will prevent any popup error dialogues from appearing. Such messages would prevent the Viewer from automatically closing when using functions such as AUTODOWNLOAD, should the server connection fail.
It may be desirable to leave such messages visible, if a user will later see them. So this option is not always recommended.