File Operations

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File Statistics:


The name of the loaded data file (if any)

Survey Name:

Full Site/Survey Name


Start and finish dates


Survey interval


Number of readings

Load from Disk

Loads previously saved Reporter Pro data files with the extension “.lf2” (LF2 as in "Logger File 2" - there was an earlier format known as LF1, now obsolete).

All other file types must be loaded using the IMPORT option.

Load from Logger

Downloads data stored in the logger to the computer.  The data stored in the logger remains unchanged until a new survey is started.

To speed up the transfer rate on Hawk 3000/5000 loggers logging can be switched off during download.  This is particularly effective when the logging interval has been set to a high frequency interval, such as 10 seconds or less.

Where multiple parallel conductors are being monitored the data can be factored by a function of 2 or 3 to reflect the use of two or three conductors in parallel.

On completion of download a file name must be selected.  The file will then be stored in the Default Folder that has been set under Options & Edit Tariffs.

Save/Export Data

Allows the exporting of data into five common file formats. The start and finish dates and times are displayed.

Clicking on the Save Range Only box allows these dates and times to be edited so that a selected date range can be stored separately.  To save a subset of the data loaded, as a separate file, just tick the Save Range Only box.  Set the required Time/Date From/To parameters. Then select the format “Reporter for Windows” (“.LF2”) and choose a suitable name for the new file.  Now load this file using the standard load file option and a report specific to the chosen time/date period of the original file can now be created.

Import Data

Allows data to be imported from the previous Hawk 5000 DOS based software (File extension *.SDF) and various other logger manufacturers data formats, which each have their own import option.

Edit Names

Allows you to change to Survey Name and also the names of the individual circuits (useful for presentation on charts/reports).

Rescale Data

Allows you to see the data multiplied by a given value (without reloading the file).  The multiply value can be less than one, effectively allowing division of the data.

Edit Start Date/Time

Allows you to change the start time of the recorded data.  All subsequent data changes in relation to this, as though the survey was recorded at a different time.

This feature is essential if the date/time on the Hawk was incorrect at the time the data was recorded, or if the logger was set to Daylight Saving Time and you wish to see the true tariff costs, as almost all tariffs do not track with DST.

It is also useful if you wish to try a "what if" to compare tariff charges if a process is run on a different day or at a different time.

View/Add Notes

Allows you to add notes to the Reporter file, such as information about the survey for future reference. The form is that of a simple notepad. These notes will be saved when saving the file in Reporter for Windows LF2 format only. You must use the Save / Export option after you have added any notes to include the added notes in the current file.