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Logger connected to port number

Click on the drop-down menu and select the port to which your logger is connected.

Note: Only serial ports that Windows recognises are listed. If you plug in a USB-Serial adapter then click Update to refresh the list.

Logger Model

Displays the logger model which the software "looks for" when attempting download or realtime communication.

e.g. e-Tracker, Profile, Hawk I, Hawk II, Hawk 3000, Hawk 5000, etc.

Scan Now

Currently only applies to Hawk 3000 and Hawk 5000.

Looks for logger if status is “not connected”.

NB: Some serial ports or loggers can close down if not being used.


The name of the loaded data file (if any)


The start and finish dates of survey


The survey interval

Configure Logger

Change logger set-up

Start new survey

File Operations

Load data from file or logger

Import/Export data

Real-Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring

Not available for all loggers

Browse Data

View all data

Analyse Data

Display profiles of logged data

Tariff Analysis

Reports Menu

View and print standard reports

Auto Reporting to PDF


Open help file


Licence agreement

Support details

Options & Edit Tariffs

Configure program options

Create/Edit Tariffs for Analysis


Exit the program