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All the recorded data is displayed in tabular form. The data can be sorted using any parameter listed by clicking on the relevant column header. Clicking a second time reverses the sort.

After clicking on a column header a small drop-down arrow becomes visible.  Clicking this allows you to filter by any one, or multiple, values associated with the column.

At the bottom of the form you will find standard database navigation controls, which also allow you to filter the data by simple or complex conditions. This gives you the ability to see the total or average values for all columns specific to a given range of values or times.

The data available in this section is dependant on the data contained in the file that has been loaded.  If reports are required for specific periods within an extended survey then a new file can be created using the Export Data function within the File Operations Menu.

The printing of data in this mode is limited to the data that is displayed on the computer screen, so will vary depending on display size and resolution. If a considerable amount of data is involved then using the All Data option in the Reports Menu and sending the data to PDF will save quite a few trees and allow easy emailing to end users.

The order of the displayed data can be customised by mouse clicking on the column headers and holding and dragging left or right.  Column widths can be increased, reduced or closed by clicking and dragging on the sides of the column title cells.

Key to the TYPE column :-

D =

Correct Data for the whole interval

F =

Power Failed during the interval and was not restored

R =

Power Restored during the interval

If only one row of TYPE contains R, this means that power failed and was restored within the interval.

The time and date stamp for each record refer to the start of each recording interval.

Further Options Menu

Clicking this button pops up a menu with the following options :-

Best Fit Columns

Fits the column widths to the data

Show All Columns

Restores any columns you have hidden

Hide Columns

Allows you to "hide" columns of data (if empty etc)

Hide Summaries

Hides the footer summary of values

Show Summaries

Restores the summary


On very rare occasions the first and last records of a survey can become corrupted due to power up or power down spikes.  To eliminate these false readings use Export Data feature. Select SAVE RANGE ONLY and change the start and end time by one logging interval. Then export the file as REPORTER FOR WINDOWS format.