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Program Interface  

When the “Beginner” option is selected the user can only configure a logger based on pre-loaded logger set-up programs.  “Advanced” option allows all configuration options to be modified.

Three Phase Colours

This option allows the user to switch between the previous UK standard phase colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) and the new EU standard "Unified Colours" (Brown, Black and Grey). On charts we believe the RYB colours are clearer and more easily distinguishable than the EU’s chosen colours but some customers may request EU standard regardless.


When this option is selected the user can create a totally customised logger configuration except for loggers using manual only setup.

Default Folders

This allows the user to define preferred locations for file storage.

The default is dependant on the operating system being used.


Allows some customisation of printed reports to suit different printer formats.

Include zeros in statistics

If a survey is started part way through a day, and the logger was already recording (zero values), it may be appropriate to exclude those "false" zeroes from the statistics.  Alternatively, if it is known that the supply being monitored is regularly switched off completely, then the zero readings are a true reflection of the consumption profile and should be included in the statistics.

Increase display accuracy

When this option is selected the resolution of the Y axis of graphs is increased, as are the number of decimal places displayed on screen and in reports.  It is only applicable when displaying very low values.