Real-time Monitor

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This shows a Hawk 5000 connected with only Phase L1 connected.

This feature will display the readings from loggers supporting this real time communication.

Currently Hawk 3000 and Hawk 5000 loggers only.

The gauges are the instantaneous values for kW, kVA, kVAr and Amps of each phase.

The oscilloscope style trace on the right shows a rolling history of the Total kW, kVA, kVAr and Amps for the combined phases.

Other information is available through the top panels, including: Pulse Counters, Voltage, Frequency, Logging Active status, Power Factors and Percentage of Logger Memory Used.

NOTE: If a logger has been configured to start logging at a future date and time then real time monitoring will be inhibited until that date and time is reached.

WARNING: If your computer is configured for energy saving then it may switch to standby after a period of no keyboard or mouse action.  If so then communication between the computer and the Hawk will be disrupted.  You may need to exit the program and rerun it to continue monitoring.  Alternatively, it may be appropriate to disable the energy saving mode during real time monitoring.