Tariff Comparisons & Bill Checking

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Tariff Comparisons & Bill Checking

Using this part of the program you can check energy bills for the period you have logged or compare what the energy bill would have been on different tariffs.

Select Tariff

Takes you to a list of tariffs, created in the definition section (see Tariff Definition), and allows you to choose one for the calculation of an energy bill.

Current Circuit

Allows you to choose the monitored circuit to which the tariff will be applied.

Invoice / Summary

Choose invoice to see all the details of the calculation choose summary to see a simpler presentation of the information.

Create whole year from available data

Tick this box to have your data rolled out as if it had been running for a year. For example, when ticked, one week's data will be replicated out to 52 weeks of data so an annual comparison of bills can be made if required.

Log Invoice/Summary totals to file

When ticked a log will be kept of tariff comparisons made. Click the view log button to see the logged details.

Definition / Edit Tariffs

Click to define new tariffs or edit existing tariff details. (See Tariff Definition).

Store as Site Default

This type of tariff definition can be defined and used in other State Of The Art products.  This particular feature is not applicable to Reporter Professional Plus.