Configure Logger

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This form is used to set up loggers which are not configured for a survey using controls on the logger itself.

The displayed screen will vary dependent on the selection of BEGINNER or ADVANCED in Options & Edit Tariffs.

If BEGINNER has been selected then certain options will be disabled.

These will be signified by a red letter “L”.

If ADVANCED has been selected then all options are available.

Save Configuration (and associated drop-down menu)

Logger configurations that are to be regularly used can be stored as configuration files.

These will appear in the drop-down list for subsequent use without the need to manually select the same settings.

Configuration Name can be the same as Setup Name, but only 48 characters (approx.) will be visible in the drop-down menu.  The Configuration Name can be used as a shorthand naming convention for the drop-down menu.


Both values are transmitted to and stored in the logger.  They can be up to 80 characters long.

The FILENAME in which the configuration is stored can be the same as the CONFIGURATION NAME as long as the number and type of characters used are compatible with the rules governing the operating system's file naming conventions.