Tariff Editor Menu

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Load Tariff

Displays a list of all tariff files found in the default folder and allows you to select one for editing, etc.

New Tariff

Create a new, completely empty, tariff.

Edit Tariff

Edit the currently loaded tariff.

Save Tariff

Save the currently loaded tariff. You can select a new file name if you wish to duplicate a tariff before making changes.

Delete Tariff

Displays the tariff list and allows you to delete redundant tariffs.

Default Tariff Files Directory

Clicking here will pop up a browse folders dialogue, enabling you to change the default storage location for tariff files.

Currency Symbols

These symbols are used on invoices.


Windows does not allow you to define a minor currency symbol.

Create whole year from available data

Tick this box to have your data rolled out as if it had been running for a year. For example, when ticked, one week's data will be replicated out to 52 weeks of data so an annual comparison of bills can be made if required.

Password Setup

If required you can set a password for editing tariffs, to prevent unauthorised persons from making accidental changes to your carefully constructed tariffs.