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Reporter Professional Plus version 5.x is a major update to our premium logger data analysis product.  Listed below are some of the major changes.  There have been many minor improvements, along with fixes for any bugs reported in previous editions.

Fully Compatible with Windows 8 and 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Reporter Professional Plus is now compatible with 32 & 64 bit editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.  It also remains compatible with Windows XP.

Integrated Help

A new addition are the Help buttons on the major menus, which will launch context-sensitive help on all features of the program.  This is available as a self-contained CHM file, included in the installation, or as an on-line web/HTML version.

User Interface

The user interface has been completely updated, to a more modern look and feel, which we believe is more uniform, clearer and easier to navigate.

We have also avoided making pointless changes, just to appear new, so you should still find things where you expect them to be.  We are not a supermarket!

The Main Menu now looks like this :-

Unified Colours

One of the most requested features we have been asked for is the option to use the new unified colour scheme.

There is now the option for all charts and reports to use the new "Unified Colours" or the original "Classic Colours".  Although we believe the "old" colours look better, you are now free to make your choice!  Either way the phases are now referred to in the standard form L1, L2, L3.

Unified :-

Classic :-

Communication Port Selection

A common issue with earlier versions was that some USB to Serial devices would assign a ridiculously high port number to the serial port, leaving it out of range of the originally adequate 1-8 range. Now only the ports recognised by windows are listed, making finding the correct port (whatever the number) far easier.

The old port selection looked like this :-

... which has now been replaced by this simple drop-down :-

... showing only the available ports, no matter what number they are assigned.

PDF Chart Reports

Another frequent request has been the option to produce PDF files from charts.  We have gone one step further and added the ability to produce a complete report from several of the charts, such as the Daily Data chart, shown below in report form :-

Here you have a page per day report, including information on which day included the highest 24hr and Peak demands and which had the highest consumption.

Auto Reporting

The "Auto Reporting" feature can now create a single PDF file with any/all reports included, making emailing of your results a much easier affair.

Real-time Monitor

For compatible loggers you can now use the updated real-time view :-

Higher Quality Charts

A configuration option has been added to "Use GDIPlus Chart Quality".  If you are using a modern computer, with what is now regarded "reasonable" hardware, you can select this option to enable "anti-aliasing" on both chart text and graphics, resulting a clearer, more impressive results.

Support for a Variety of Loggers

Support for the Hawk I & II, the Hawk 3000 (which it turns into a Hawk 5000) and Hawk 5000.

Support for the Sinergy Meters e-Tracker (and pro-Tracker) loggers.

Support for the NewFound Energy Profile Logger.

Imports files from the Cauvin Anoux CA8334.