Internet Access / Proxies

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Common Reasons for Failure to Connect to the Internet

In the first case (no network connection) or if all attempts fail to connect then follow the instructions in the activation utility under the heading "If you are using a PC or laptop with no internet connection ...".

Proxy Configuration for Internet Activation


If your company is using a proxy server for internet security you will probably need to configure our registration program with the correct details before your software can be activated.

This information will need to be provided and/or set by the IT department.


Please run the Licence Activation software as usual.  When you see the main menu please click the button marked "Further Options" at the bottom of the form.  The will display a number of options, one of which is Proxy Configuration – click this button.

You will need to enter an IP address (machine names may be unavailable without access to any internal DNS) and the Port Number.  You may also require a user name and password, depending on your network setup.

You can choose the option to Use "Direct" Windows Internet access, which will attempt to use the internet connection provided by Windows for Internet Explorer etc. We suggest trying the provided proxy settings first.

When you have finished please return to the main menu and click the Hide Advanced button to return to the normal menu.