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Installing Reporter Professional Plus

This software is supplied electronically direct from State Of The Art, usually in the form of an email and download link.  You will also be supplied with a Serial Number and PIN, which are registered to you and uniquely identify your licence.

The recipient is responsible for making backup copies of the software and safely recording the Serial Number and activation PIN required to activate the software on one PC.

If the serial number and activation PIN details are lost then additional charges will be made to reinstall the system.

If the downloaded file is zipped then extract the install program in the usual manner.

To install :-

Software Licence and Token

The software licence for this product is for a single user, single machine only.   Please read the licence details on screen.

To protect users from inadvertently breaching the licence agreement the software uses a software locking system (see Activating your software).  This will only allow the software to be operated on one computer.  If the computer needs replacing then the software can be transferred (see Transferring to another PC)